Problem generating pdf file with LaTeX fonts

P�l Gunnar Ellingsen <paalge@...287...> writes:

This is very strange I agree. I checked the file and it has
changed due to me upgrading texlive 2011 during a normal fedora update some
days ago. I've checked the log for the update, and the update contained a
new updmap.cfg (which is the script for generating, which
explains the difference in, though it does not help with solving
the problem.

So it might be caused by updmap configuration. Are you able to compile
TeX source files that contain text in cmr12 using pdftex? E.g., put

    foo bar

in foo.tex and try pdflatex foo.tex. If you run into errors, or if the
output file has ugly bitmap Type-3 fonts like TeX-produced pdf files
used to have in the 1990s, it's clearly a bug in your TeX installation.
If not, it's more a problem in dviread's hijacking of for its
own purposes.

(Oh, I see that your problem is already fixed, but maybe future
searchers will benefit from this suggestion.)
texlive-amsfonts (without dependencies) and installing it again)
I tried the solution used there, and it worked, meaning that now
contains cmr12 and my file runs properly and gives me a nice pdf

A simpler fix might have been "sudo updmap-sys --enable".

So again sorry for messing this up. I would like to thank you very much for
your help.

No problem, and good that you got it sorted out!


Jouni K. Sepp�nen