problem building on solaris 10

Hi, my name is Erik, and I have a compiling problem. I hope to get it
resolved in fewer than 12 steps.

In particular, I'm the Erik Curiel, referred to in this posting from a few
months ago by John Hunter, who had (and still has) problems compiling mpb
on solaris 10:

Although I've asked John multiple times to forward me the information from
Mike Rightmire and Thomas Wessell, who, it would seem, managed to get mpb
to compile on solaris 10 after much effort, he persists in blowing me off
(and this even though he is to be the best man at my wedding in March). I
am hoping that I can extract this information from him by applying the
lever of public shame.

If John cannot be so easily shamed, would Mike or Thomas please email me
the information? I'll be happy to take responsibility for posting it
somewhere publicly accessible (e.g., the mpb wiki), so poor suckers such
as myself won't have to resort, in the future, to attempting to shame John
in to getting off his ass and disseminating the information.