Problem building CVS version on OS X

Jouni K Seppanen <jks@...278...> writes:

#include <math.h>
template<typename T> int mpl_isnan(T arg) { return isnan(arg); }
#include <cmath>

Nah, that also effectively assumes the GNU libraries. Here's a better

#include <math.h>
int mpl_isnan_f(float f) { return isnan(f); }
int mpl_isnan_d(double f) { return isnan(f); }
int mpl_isnan_ld(long double f) { return isnan(f); }

Compile this as C(99), not C++, and put

extern "C" {
  int mpl_isnan_f(float);
  int mpl_isnan_d(double);
  int mpl_isnan_ld(long double);

in the C++ file.