probability map

Dear all,

I have tried to make 1 sigma, 2 sigma and 3 sigma contours of my data.

To calculate the levels. I took my 2d array (lets call it data).

I sorted sortData = sort(data.flatten())[::-1]

I normalized it: normSortData = sortData / sum(sortData)

Then I did the cumulative sum: cumSum = np.cumsum(normSortData)

Then I found the id with : idx = cumSum.searchsorted(0.68 this is 1 sigma for 2 sigma its 0.954)

Then I got my level: level = sortData[idx]

I tried this out with a 2d gaussian and that level for 1 sigma was two much. It worked when I gave it 2*level(1 sigma).

I don't know what's going wrong.