Printing from WX

Hi all, I am trying to incorporate viewing of charts and the

    > printing of the viewed chart from an application written in
    > WxPython V2.5 and Python V2.3 My preference at the momment
    > is to use the EMBEDDED method of displaying the charts in my
    > Python app. I want to have a print button that the user can
    > just click to get a printout of the chart.

    > Can anyone point me to somewhere that tells me how to print
    > a displayed chart.

Printing is typically platform dependent, which you don't mention.
Here is a solution for embedded wxagg on win32

Let me know if this works for you...


John Hunter wrote:

Printing is typically platform dependent

wxPython provides a platform independent printing framework. It certainly should be possible to make use of it in the wx Back end. When I have a need for it, I may take a stab at it.



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