PR review / new contributors


Between 2.1.0 be released and my interview with NumFOCUS [1] we will
hopefully be getting an influx of new contributors.

We should always be kind and respectful in pull requests (even if the
person you are talking to 'can take it', potential contributors will read
it and may be turned away), but please be extra patient with new
contributors. I think everyone with commit rights can see "new contributor"
next to the users name in the GH UI.

Remember that first contribution to a big project can be intimidating for
many reasons, they may be simultaneously learning git, github, python, and
the conventions of Matplotlib in addition to asking their work to be
publicly judged by strangers! At least for my self, my first PR to
Matplotlib was to change a 4 to a 7 [2] and it still took me most of an
afternoon to work up the nerve to open the PR.

For documentation only changes please use the threshold "Is it better than
in was?" and avoid copy-editing-via-github comments.


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