postscript output?

the afm files were missing probably because I made an rpm

    > package with python which I installed (I didn't do
    > the install). Nevertheless the PS output by
    > setting the AFMPATH works fine. I really appreciate the
    > font management with matplotlib. However, for making plots
    > to be included in Latex I'd like to have the possibility to
    > scale also the axes fonts. For example Gnuplot knows a
    > command "set size" which then scales whole plot by leaving
    > all fonts the same - and this makes then small plots look
    > good. In matplotlib I can scale text, but I don't know how
    > to scale axes fonts along with axis labels. Is it possible?

Yes, this is possible. You need to get a list of the text handles and
then set the text properties. I'm away from my desk so I can't test
the code below, but here is the basic idea

# handle graphicsversion
t = gca().get_xticklabels()
set(t, 'fontsize', 12)

# or you can use object oriented interface
ax = subplot(211)
t = ax.get_xticklabels()
for label in t:

I have been planning on modifying the axes constructor to take a font
dictionary (see help(text) for more info on font dictionaries) which
changes the default fonts for the axes, but haven't gotten to it.

But the approach above should work for you. See the tutorial on the
web site for more info on setting text properties, and let me know if
you run into any troubles.

Good luck,
John Hunter