postscript output?

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    > I suppose the above matplotlib.use('GTK') should be
    > matplotlib.use('PS'), isn't it?

Yes, that's correct. Thanks for catching it.

    > But then I got the following message:

    > Error: Could not find any AFM files; please set AFMPATH to
    > point to some readable adobe font metric files

Matplotlib comes with a set of AFM files. Did you do a normal

  > python install

with matplotlib? If so, distutils should put the files in a place
where matplotlib can find them even w/o setting AFMPATH (eg,
/usr/local/share/matplotlib or /usr/share/matplotlib). If they are
not there, then my guess is something went funny with your install.
These files reside in the src distribution in the dir
matplotlib/fonts/afm, so you can get them there and set AFMPATH

The easiest way to find the AFM fonts on your system is to do

  > locate afm | less

and see which dirs pop up. On my system, dirs include
/usr/share/fonts/default/Type1, /usr/share/fonts/afms/adobe, etc...
They you can set your AFMPATH to point to these dirs.

    > Any idea where there files are on Linux RH7.3. The size is
    > then defined again like savefig('',dpi=60)?

You don't need to set the DPI for a postscript file since postscript
is scalable. The DPI is determined by your output device, eg, a
1200x1200 DPI printer. This parameter is ignored by matplotlib on the
PS backend.

Good luck,
John Hunter