Possible Tk version issue in setupext.py


This is probably a low-probability event, however it may be
worth noting that the check for the Tk framework location in
setupext.py's detect_tkinter_darwin examines possible framework
paths in a different order than they are checked in Python's
setup.py for the purpose of building _tkinter. Python's
setup.py searches:


MPL's setupext.py searches:


If a user has installed more than one new (non-Apple) Tcl/Tk,
it is possible for MPL and _tkinter to link against different
frameworks. I think MPL does some version checking that
would prevent a build if there is a mismatch, but the source
of the difficulty may not be obvious to the installer.

The Snow Leopard Xcode man page for ld says the following about
ld's framework searching:

The default framework search path is /Library/Frameworks then

It says nothing about searching under $HOME. So from the
point of view of Xcode it looks like there is no "right"
order between the two options, but MPL's looks "right" to me,
i.e., if a user has installed something under $HOME, the
user probably intends it to override the system.



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