Possible bug in imshow?

if I run: PL.imshow(TArm,cmap = ML.cm.winter )

    > PL.colorbar()

    > I get the error listed at the end of this message:

Hi Jim,

What version of mpl are you using? With 0.70.1 I see no problems

    >>> from pylab import *
    >>> x = rand(12,12)
    >>> imshow(x, cmap=cm.winter)
    <matplotlib.image.AxesImage instance at 0x01476DC8>
    >>> colorbar()
    <matplotlib.axes.Axes instance at 0x01476EB8>

I did fix some colorbar bugs in 0.65.1. If your version is older than
this, it may explain the problem.

If you are using 0.70.1, please provide a little more information
about your environment, specifically a complete test script run with
the output of --verbose-helpful.

Hope this helps,