possible bug in 0.73: verbose.level can't be "error"?

I have some kind of error in some test code and get this

    > interesting display:

Sorry, this was an undocumented change. After some discussion on
matplotlib-devel we resolved that it only confused matters to have
matplotlib trying to do custom error handling and logging, because
python has standard ways of dealing with both of these. This should
have made it into the CHANGELOG *and* the release notes, so it was an
oversight in that it made it into neither.

  * errors now raise exceptions, as they should.

  * warnings are handled by the python standard library module

I think everyone on matplotlib-devel agreed after months of
intermittent discussion that this was the proper solution.

I advise you to grab the latest .matplotlibrc file from the src
distribution and copy it over to your home directory and re-customize
it. The latest version can also always be found at
http://matplotlib.sf.net/.matplotlibrc .