Polyfit help


I graph of weather data from a CGI script using the Agg backend only. The graph
is a common time vs. temperature 2D line plot. Since the graph plots
every n minutes, the lines on the graph tend to look pointed and not very
aesthetically pleasing (as many people have informed me.)
I did some research and found I needed to do curve fitting.

I'm trying to use 8th order polynomial fitting. I have found a sample on the
Web that shows how to use matplotlib to do a best-fit line from polyfit, but
I want a curve that follows the curve of weather temperature data.

I plot the data using a list of X-coordinates and a list of Y-coordinates.
I assume I can call polyfit with (x,y,8) for 8th order polynomial fitting.
However, I am not sure what to do with the results. I have tried to
translate the 1st order polyfit example for my needs but I don't think
I am using the polyfit data correctly.

Also, it has been suggested that a spline or Butterworth filter on the data
may yield more predictable results. I have found some of this functionality
in SciPy and a nifty module in a language called Octave. Would matplotlib
benefit from this?

Any assistance is much appreciated. I'm just starting out on this type of stuff
but it is fascinating to work with!

Thank you,