polar plots?

I was ready to produce a polar plot and, unless I'm missing

    > something this doesn't seem to be a feature. Looking at the
    > list archives and the future direction on the website I
    > can't find the word "polar" anywhere. Is this feature there
    > in some non-obvious way or is not implemented. Are there
    > any plans?

I guess it's a good sign when you are surprised *not to find
something* rather than the converse :slight_smile:

There are no polar plots currently. This should be documented on the
goals page - thanks for reminding me.

matplotlib development is driven by what I need and what people ask
for. Noone has asked for polar plots yet, but since there were two
requests today, I guess it's officially on the list of things to do.

If anyone else is interested in taking a stab at this, let me know.
The relevant classes are axis.Axis, transforms.Transform and