Plotting vertical bars of arbitrary, non-uniform widths


As I needed to plot a(n?) histogram with bins of non-uniform widths, I
found that pylab.barh() was doing just what I needed, but in the wrong
direction. Therefore, I wrote its twin sister, Axes.barv(), based on
Axes.barh(). The patch included in this mail is against from
matplotlib 0.80.

I also wrote an example script for it. In order to use the pylab API
normally, I included at the top of that script a barv() function that
calls Axes.barv() on gca(), just as pylab.barh() does. Looking at, this function should be automatically generated from (I don't know how exactly), so if Axes.barv() is properly
included in, the barv() definition in the example script should
be suppressed, of course.

Have fun. (3.45 KB) (1.5 KB)