plotting directly using the renderer

Hello list,
Hello John,

I was able to write the suggested containing all paths for the
desired markers. Everything works fine for the Agg-backends. To be able to
use the non-Agg backends I also tried to find a way to use the markers in
the non-'_newstyle'-way. Unfortunately this did't work as I expected (the
vertices are not shifted to the correct position and behave very strange
when zooming etc.).

The changed and the are attached.

I also rewrote the plot_points-routine. It now uses the same path_2_vertices
and add_offset_to_vertices as the non-_newstyle method. There everything
works fine.

So there arise two questions:

1) What is wrong with the add_offset_to_vertices etc.?
2) Where can the plot_points be placed?

Nice weekend,

PS: Sorry for the delay, but I'm only able to spend time on MPL once a week. (7.65 KB) (40.2 KB)


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