Plotting different years on the same axes

I searchd in the documentation, but couldn’t find anything useful. I want to be able to plot a couple of yearly time series (so that one can see the difference between some variable in one particular year with respect to another year). Additionally, I would also like to have a plot of the mean (and stanard deviation) of several years, and to plot another time series on those same axes. I was wondering if there is some better solution to the one I found, which involves subtracting the 1st of January of the year in the data and using the Julian date. I would like to use day/month markers on the plot, but apart from referring all the plots to the same year (by adding or subtracting a fixed value to each year), which is a bit mesy, I haven’t been able to do this. Is there something I can easily do to have my plot from January to December showing two curves with dates from 01/Jan/2001 to 31/Dec/2001 and the other with dates running from 01/Jan/2004 to 31/Dec/2004?