plotting dates and dtypes

I came up with a partial solution for my problem. I found an example from
Sandro Tosi ( I
think I may have to buy his book.) using datutil.parser. I'm not sure why a
straight numpy.load doesn't work.

Code was:
> I tried to import my own data. It looks like
> 2005-03-04,0.923115796
> 2005-03-05,0.915828724
> 2005-03-06,0.442521474
> 2005-03-07,0.997096213
> 2005-03-08,0.867752118
> And to import, I use recarray
> myarray = np.loadtxt(fullfile, dtype=[('date', '|O4'), ('ydata',
> 'float')], delimiter = ',')
> rx = myarray.view(np.recarray)
> Data imports fine. But when I go to plot, I get the following error
> ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence.
> WARNING: Failure executing file: <>

If I modify to:

  import datutil

  myarray = np.loadtxt(fullfile, dtype=[('datestring', '|S22'), ('ydata',
'float')], delimiter = ',')
  dates = [dateutil.parser.parse(s) for s in myarray['datestring']]

Now I can plot with
  plt.plot(dates, myarray['ydata']

Bill Eaton