plotting and threads - can someone tell me what is happening here?

Hi. I wrote a socket server in python that accepts up to two data arrays and should plot them using matplotlib. Unfortunately, when I made my server multi-threaded I ran into some very strange issues. I can't figure out what exactly is happening so I can't fix it. If anyone knows what is going on/why it isn't working, please let me know.

Here is a code snippet (showing what happens when only one data array is passed to it):

class pyserv(threading.Thread):
        def __init__(self,(socket,address)):

def run(self):
                      (irrelevant code here, receive data from socket, byteswap, prepare format string for
                       unpacking below, etc.)
                      dataArray = array(struct.unpack(format,data))

count = 1
s.bind(appropriate options here)
print 'server running'
while True:
       count += 1

Scenario A: When I run this and send one set of data, it plots just fine. Subsequent data sets never plot, it opens up a new window as if it wants to plot something and then hangs.
Scenario B: When I run this and send one set of data, view it, and then close it, I can send another data set. It opens up a figure, plots it, and then closes immediately afterwards with no interaction on my part. If I put a sleep command after the show(), like sleep(5),it will stay up for 5 seconds and then close.
Scenario C: If I plot the data but do not show it until after the while loop, I get the same results as in scenario A.

Is it breaking because I can't use multiple show() commands? Does matplotlib not play nice with threads or something, or am I just not implementing threads correctly (first time w/ python using threads)? Data arrays being passed are just character/integer/float arrays. I am using an array from numpy to unpack data from the struct. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks,