plots do not scale to size

Dear all.

When I run the script below, the xlabel and ylabel do not show up. If I increase the figure size, it all works fine. If I open the file in Adobe Illustrator, the x and ylabels are both there, but outside the canvas (or bounding box or whatever it is called). I believe this must be a bug?

I moved my matplotlibrc file out of its usual location to make sure I don't have any funny settings which screws things up. I also deleted the tex cache to avoid any tex-related problems.

Best regards,

import matplotlib
matplotlib.rcParams['figure.figsize'] = [2.85, 2.20]
from pylab import *

xs = linspace(0, 2 * pi)
ys = sin(xs)
plot(xs, ys)
ylabel('y axis')


test.pdf (16.8 KB)