Ploting digital signals

Ploting digital signals


I want to plot some digital signals using matplotlib.

I want to plot some 6 digital signals (or say any arbitary number of signals) in one figure.

For each signal I want a y-label displayed.

One way to plot digital signals in one plot is that I add an offset to other signals and then plot. But I thought if anyone knows a better idea then it will be good.

Also how can I have different y-labels for each signal. I don’t want to use legends because with too many signals it will be dificult to match the legend with where the signal is.

I am attaching a picture which is generated by some other tools but now I want to genrate somewhat similar way in matplotlib.

Can anyone give me some small hints?

Also one more point is if I want all the signal colors in plot to be same say black then how can I do it?. The default plot function varies the colors of the signal plotted.

Thanks in advance

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