plot three varaibles using matplotlib

I i have tree lists or array of values
list x of 100… values
list y of 100… values
list mag of 100… values
list x and y are coordiantes of points
and list Mag is magnitude of something at that point

how can i plot this quantities using matplotlib, any function please?

my code starts as…i need to plot the points vhat can i use?

from future import division
from matplotlib.patches import Patch
from pylab import *

def func3(x,y):
return (1- x/2 + x5 +

make these smaller to increase the resolution

dx, dy = 0.5, 0.5

X = arange(-3.0, 3.0001, dx)

Y = arange(-3.0, 3.0001, dy)

Mag= X2+Y2

???(X, Y, Mag)
savefig(‘three d plot of points making a surface’)


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Hi Yadin,

I am a simple user, but I already faced this problem. The idea I used
is to plot the data as an image, with magnitudes being converted in
color levels.

To do that, you have to define an array (let’s say ‘Z’, Z(x,y) with
dims len(X) and len(Y) and fill it with tour magnitudes. Then you have
a two dimensional array that you display as an image using :

im = pylab.Imshow(Z)

Imshow has a lot of options you can use to customize your display, and
you can add a colorbar with :


I have some examples of such scripts, but commented in French, so
perhaps not very useful for you.

See the user’s guide to begin, p 38 for example.



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