plot_surface masked array

Hi there,
I am trying to plot a surface using plot_surface.
As this surface is generated using griddata, the corresponding z-values
is a masked array.
When I plot this masked array using plot_surface,
the colormap is completely upset, the whole surface appears in blue.
One can do something like
but this is not really what one would like to have, because the missing
values are being
displayed, and in this case, the missing values are certainly not equal to
the mean of the surface.
Alternatively, it would be nice if griddata allowed to extrapolate a bit out
of the convex hull
of the given data. It seems that natgrid is able to do this (I found options
that specifies this), I installed natgrid, but in the matplotlib interface
to natgrid, one cannot specify any options proper to natgrid,
and extrapolation seems to be switched off, leading to masked arrays being
One more alternative would be that the color calculation for the surface
would only be done
for the non-masked fields in the masked array, but I do not know how to tell
matplotlib to do this
or how to do this by hand.
Any help appreciated!


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