plot star instead of pentagram

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dmitrey wrote:

hi all,
matplotlib says it's similar to MATLAB's plot tool, however, using plot(..., 'p') plots pentagram instead of star. It makes my (Python scikits.openopt) graphic output of numerical convergence look uglier than MATLAB version.

So is plotting a star intended to be ever implemented?


It was easy, so I added a 5-point star to the set of available markers in svn. Use plot(..., '*'). 'p' was already taken, and '*' seems more mnemonic--I would never think of 'p' as indicating a star.


Thank you, currently I'm using scatter (it will take a time while all users will have the matplotlib version with '*' available).

There is unclear parameter in scatter docstring, could you explain what does it mean:

   size in points^2. It is a scalar or an array of the same
   length as *x* and *y*.

so what does it mean "size in points^2"?

It means the area of the circle circumscribing the marker, with that area measured in units of points squared. The strange choice of s as a measure of area instead of radius or diameter is for compatibility with Matlab.



Regards, D.