plot date

I added the .matplotlibrc file and that definitely

    > helps. Thanks. Regarding the symbols, I changed your file
    > to the match mine and I get symbols. Here's the change I
    > made:


    > what is the difference here? Thank you very much for your
    > help.

If you are not passing a format string (eg 'r-') you need to
explicitly set the marker symbol. For no marker at all, use the
string 'None'

  pylab.plot_date(dates, y, color ='r', marker='None',
                  linestyle ='--',
                  linewidth = 1)

Using the string 'None' instead of the symbol None is a bit of a wart,
because None is currently interpreted to mean "use the rc default".


Hello, I'm not sure I have the most efficient method for changing my
plot settings. I have an application I wrote with maplotlib that allows
a user to plot data and change different plot settings like color and
line width etc. Initially when the program is created I create a
default axes with no data plotted. The user then loads the data and
presses a plot button.

Once the data is plotted, each time the user changes the settings (for
example they change the line color from red to blue) I call
axes.clear(), then I call plot() again and this time I use the keywords
to change the settings to (change the line color to blue) and then I
call canvas.draw() to redraw the canvas.

axes.plot(array,color=color, linestyle=pattern, linewidth=width,

Is this the best way to do this?