plot_date + xdata & ydata must be same len


I am having trouble getting a variation of the tutorial plot_date()
to work. I get the classic: RuntimeError: xdata and ydata must
be the same length.

The tutorial on the matplotlib site shows how to plot dates using
whole days. I am plotting using multiple days showing each minute of the day.

Before I run plot_date I setup to datetime vars and subtract
them to get the timedelta so… timedelta = enddate – startdate.

I then use drange(startdate, enddate, timedelta)

I pass this range into the plot_date function with my y axis
data, which I have confirmed is numeric and the same number of entries as the number
of datetimes I want to plot.

Clearly I am incorrectly telling plotlib the intervals of time
I want to plot. What is the best way to plot out an interday chart that has ticks
for each min?