plot_date problem

self.nonsingular(self.dataInterval.get_bounds()) TypeError:

    > nonsingular() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
    > -------------

Should be


    > 2) The auto-scaling in plot_date() does not scale properly
    > in some special cases. Consider this:

The example seems to work now with the above change and the changes
you suggested in below.

    > ticks.Base when int() gives zero. Also, to finalize this,
    > one would have to write a DayMultiLocator type class for

I added DayMultiLocator to matplotlib.ticker

    > the Weeks, otherwise when the number of weeks is close, but
    > less then the number of weeks in numticks*months it will
    > get crowded. This will probably be a little more involved
    > than dealing with days, but perhaps one could use your
    > existent WeekdayLocator class to simplify the problem.

A WeekMultiLocator would be useful, but it's not a priority for me.
If you come up with one, send it my way.

    > Also note that there was an error in defining months in
    > your code; I changed the line to:

    > months = span/(SEC_PER_DAY*31) # approx

Thanks for the fix.

    > Let me know what you think.

Looks good; thanks!