plot_date problem

Hi Everyone, I'm using plot_date to scatter a ton of data

    > retrieved from a database and have encountered an error
    > with the date ticks.

    > I more or less copied the format of the example in
    > and my ticks ended up being months in order but never
    > making it past the year 2001 (they just recycle) though my
    > data begin in 2000 and end in 2004.

    > I took another look at the plot generated by
    > and it turns out that the same is true there.

    > I'm thinking this is not intentional, but if so does
    > anyone have any advice or example scripts that might help
    > me fix my plot?

That's because the format string is printing 'month day' and not
'month year' and the day is always 01 in the example. You might want

monthsFmt = DateFormatter("%b '%y")

Hope this helps,