plot_date inconsistency

No problem. is for the most part a thin wrapper of functionality of Eg, pylab.plot calls ax.plot and pylab.imshow calls
ax.imshow. So if you find a problem with a pylab docstring, you can
usually find the original function in and fix that.

If you are on a win32 platform, which I think wyou are, you can install
ming32 and run a diff command like the one suggested by Charles Moad

  Re: [Evms-devel] Online expand and EVMS | Enterprise Volume Management System

If you are not comfortable with cvs/patch/diff, that's fine. Just
edit the files in question and send them to me as an attachment and I
can deal with them.



On Fri, 02 Sep 2005, John Hunter wrote:

    >> If you could send a docstring patch, that would be great.

    > I was going to but I looked in and found a note
    > that the plot function def and docs were automatically
    > generated, so I did not know what file to patch. (Sorry;
    > I'm new to this kind of thing.)