plot_date inconsistency

Unlike 'plot', 'plot_date' does not completely honor the

    > linestyle specification if given in a dictionary. Try this:

    > import pylab l=dict(linestyle='-')
    > pylab.plot_date([100000,200000,300000],[1,2,3],**l)

    > You will see points as well as lines plotted. I suspect a
    > small bug here?

There is a slight inconsistency in that plot_date and plot have
different default behavior, you can control the plot_date marker with
the dictionary; note that the linestyle and marker are independent
line properties.

    # use no marker
    l=dict(linestyle='-', marker=None)

    # use a square marker
    l=dict(linestyle='-', marker='s')


That reminds me:
the pylab docs refer several times to 'plot' for
the kwargs, but these are not listed by the plot
docs. It would be nice if the plot docs said

        A list of kwargs can be obtained using `setp`.

Or something to that effect. (In fact, this might also be
better language than referring to plot as the docs do
elsewhere? E.g., in plot_data.)

Alan Isaac


On Thu, 01 Sep 2005, John Hunter apparently wrote:

    # use no marker
    l=dict(linestyle='-', marker=None)