place a wxPopupWindow based on pick event location


Thank you for the help. Unfortunately, I used some of your code and still had
the same problem I've been having, which is that it works as long as I
don't move
my frame (which contains the figure canvas)--if I move it to the left,
the leftmost
points on the graph produce a popup that pops up on the far right side of the

Hi Che,

It seems that the line in your code (line 156):

popup.Position(mouseLocation, wx.Size(500,500))

is causing the problem. The second argument in this call is an
offset, in pixels, of where you want your your pop-up to appear, with
respect to the first argument.

So, if you change this to:

popup.Position(mouseLocation, (10,10))

then the pop-up behaves as expected, but offset 10 pixels to the right
and 10 pixels down from the pick location.




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