Picking matplotlib figures

from matplotlib._transforms import *
from types import *
issubclass(type(V), TypeType)

Segmentation fault

The 'issubclass' function is called by the default pickler. The seg-fault
seems to occur for any of the matplotlib._transform CXX-types.

I see that



whereas every other object I have tried gives something like:


(<type 'object'>,)

I've tested this with a trivial external C-type (the 'noddy.c' example in
the python documentation chapter on Extending and Embedding) and even the
most basic python object has it's base class defined as <object> now.

I've using Python-2.3.4 BTW. Maybe CXX didn't update to the new python
object model. I know nothing about CXX internals, however.


On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:10:24 +0000, Bryan Cole wrote: