phone call 2017-04-17


On the call today were my self, efiring, anntzer, and phobson

- mac osx
  - dpi issue
  - need a maintainer
- side tangent about linux sub-system for windows
- talked about enabling squash-merge
  - concern is it might confuse new users
  - but asking to rebase / doing it for them / force-pushing to their
    branches is just as bad
  - enable, but ask to use sparingly, maybe shift balance as we see
    how this works in practice
  - need to provide instruction on how to clean up to user
- add 'do not PR from master' to template
- discuss how to make supporting new user to learn git (Paul will add
   section of git FAQ that we can add to)
- qt5 dpi issues
   - seems to work on linux, but toolbar icons are jaggy on mac
   - discarding part of the to 8440 fixes the issue on mac

I'll be updating the devel docs and sending out a seperate email about

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