PDF backend problem

kc106_2005-matplotlib@...9... writes:

Now, I am running into another problem. Everything works fine up to
8 page plots. Starting with the 9th page, MPL chokes at line 1084 in
backend_pdf.py and couldn't find the cooresponding ttf file
(VeraSe.ttf) but it had no problem reading that file for the first 8

Does the following change help with this? (If you are following svn,
just run "svn update"; otherwise, the easiest way is to replace line
1084 by the three lines prefixed with + below.)

Index: backend_pdf.py


--- backend_pdf.py (revision 3044)
+++ backend_pdf.py (revision 3045)
@@ -1081,7 +1081,9 @@
         font = self.afm_font_cache.get(key)
         if font is None:
             filename = fontManager.findfont(prop, fontext='afm')
- font = AFM(file(filename))
+ fh = file(filename)
+ font = AFM(fh)
+ fh.close()
             self.afm_font_cache[key] = font
         return font

Jouni K. Sepp�nen