Patch rotation and placement in normalised coords

"Paul Smith" <paul.smith@...1609...> writes:

I've been looking around for any info how one might go about
rotating patches, such as Rectangles, by a user supplied angle. The
transform module/affine class mention this but I'm struggling with
how to actually use them this way (LazyValues?) and haven't found an
example to illustrate it yet.

I thought this would be easy, but I can't quite get it to work.
Perhaps there is a bug in my code, or perhaps we need someone more
knowledgeable in matplotlib transformations to explain the right
way to do this.

One problem is that the angles of the resulting "rectangle" don't
quite look like right angles; another is that because the
transformation is divorced from ax.transData, panning and zooming
have no effect on the rectangle. (1.29 KB)