patch: adding kwargs 'which' in axes.grid and 'g' toggles all tick grid lines

Hello list, Hello developers,

I'd like to summarize my discussion with Gökhan ("Turning off minor grids on
log scaled plot") in the last days and propose two patches.

The first patch adds the keyword argument 'which' from the axis.grid to the
method 'grid' of the Axes (axes_grid_for_major_and_minor_ticks.patch). This
allows to change the drawing of grid lines for x- and y-axis at the same

Furthemore Gökhan proposed to toggle *all* (namely major and minor tick) grid
lines after pressing the key 'g'. Therefore the call event.inaxes.grid(),
which toggles only the (default) major tick grid lines, is replaced by
event.inaxes.grid(which='majorminor') (see
This yields the expected behavior if e.g. all (major and minor) tick grid
lines are shown, because than toggling the grid means to remove all grid
lines. But to be honest I'm not sure the latter is the intended behavior in
all cases. For instance in the case of shown major tick lines toggling all
means turning off major tick lines and turning on minor tick lines by
pressing 'g'. This sounds a little bit crazy to me, although that's
what toggling is about.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Kind regards,

axes_grid_for_major_and_minor_ticks.patch (1.37 KB)

toggling_all_tick_grid_lines.patch (1.18 KB)