Parts of plot lagging from previous frame in animation

> Joachim B Haga <cjhaga@...524...>
> writes:
> >> You may have something there. I tested different backends:
> >>
> >> These show the problem: While these work fine:
> >>
> >> GtkAgg WX
> >> QtAgg WXAgg
> >> CairoAgg GTK
> >> GtkCairo (yes, really) TkAgg
> Forget this list. I just discovered that -d<nonexistentbackend>
> silently defaults to GtkAgg, at least on my install (debian). So the
> "problem" list probably boils down to GtkAgg. Maybe you knew that.

John, I've been caught out a few times with this too! I think we should
change it so -d<nonexistentbackend> raises an error, what do you think?

> Steve Chaplin <stevech1097@...41...> writes:
> > I've just fixed it in CVS, it should appear in the next matplotlib
> > version. Or try installing from CVS if you need the fix now, and would
> > like to test it.
> Excellent! I'll wait; or, if you want me to test, tell me which file and
> version it is so I can patch my install with the relevant changes.

Its the file lib/matplotlib/backends/ version 1.10,
it may also need lib/matplotlib/backends/ version 1.80


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