Parts of plot lagging from previous frame in animation

Steve Chaplin <stevech1097@...41...>

> > I am unable to get matplotlib animations to work properly. Some
> > of the data from the previous frame is getting included.
> >
> > This is with version 0.72. Any ideas about what is happening?

I ran the script with GTKCairo and it looks fine to me.

Perhaps you are using GTKAgg which looks like it has the problem. My
guess is that its caused by using gtk.idle_add() which results in
asynchronous expose_event updates.

You may have something there. I tested different backends:
These show the problem: While these work fine:

  GtkAgg WX
  QtAgg WXAgg
  CairoAgg GTK
  GtkCairo (yes, really) TkAgg

So for now I'll just switch to WXAgg. It's not as fast but it does the
job. Thanks!

(I'll assist, of course, in further testing if anyone wants to look
into it)