Padding for unclipped 2D lines


I am plotting despined figures with large linewidths such as this one:
(lines is not clipped, or it render poorly, being cropped).

As you can see, there is some overlap between the figure and the title /
ticks labels, which I would like to avoid.

I was thinking in adding some padding to the figure so that ylim would
not be 1.0 but a bit more and the line would stay within the figure
frame in my previous example. But I am not sure which is the correct way
of handling this?

I found the `pyplot.margin` method, but it takes a float between 0 and
1, which I do not know how to get from the linewidth of my 2D line. I
also thought I could use `set_xlim` (resp `ylim`), but same thing, I do
not know how to convert my linewidth to real units of my plot.