overriding the coordinates display on Figure window

Hi all I have an application that uses Matplotlib to display

    > incidence matrices for systems of equations. I have linked
    > up the figure window with 'event handling' so that mouseover
    > on the plot shows the variables/relations corresponding to
    > the pointed-to coordinates, but at present this is only
    > output to the console, as per the example in the User's
    > Guide.

    > I'd like to switch it over so that the variable and relation
    > name replaces the 'x=' and 'y=' text in the bottom-left of
    > the Figure window.

    > Is there anything in the event handling mechanism that would
    > facilitate me doing this? Is there a way I can do this
    > without having to patch matplotlib? It seems like this would
    > be a generally useful addition to the event handling stuff
    > for figure windows.

The Axes class has two attributes, fmt_xdata and fmt_ydata, which if
defined are callables that take the x and y coords as floats and
return the format string used to format that bit of text that goes
into the toolbar. The default is to use the xaxis and yaxis
Formatters. See examples/date_demo1.py for some example code.