Output is treated like Y-label


I am reposting this query in the hopes that someone might have a new insight or can direct me to someone who would be willing to lend some assistance to solve the problem.
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The problem is still that I cannot get Matplotlib to plot the figure inside the XY Axis. You can see from the images that the figure is treated like a Y-label, which it is not. I can move the figure up and down the Y-axis by varying the y values in the xy coordinates.
Below please see the images posted. Thank you
Here is my code:

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt from functools import reduce
fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(28,16), dpi=32)

def mandelbrot(a):
return reduce(lambda z, _:z * z + a, range(50), 0)
def step(start, step, iterations):
return (start + (i * step) for i in range(iterations))

rows = (("*" if abs(mandelbrot(complex(x, y))) < 2 else " "
for x in step(-2.0, .0315, 80))
for y in step(1, -.05, 41))
rowjoin = ("\n".join("".join(row) for row in rows))
print("\n".join("".join(row) for row in rows))
ax.axis([1, 60, -60, 60])

plot makes lines. If you pass it strings, then the X/Y coordinates will be categorical, but it still plots lines.

To display text, you must use one of the text API.

Hi Sir, Thank you so very much for your reply! I am new to MatplotLib. Could you give me a bit more information. I am really not a programmer, so any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you, Thank you.