Outdated pytz and dateutil

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> The versions of pytz and dateutil that are included with matplotlib
> 0.98.3 are outdated....

Hey Russell, thanks for the head's up.

For our source installs, by default we install them only if they are
not on the system, but you can configure this with setup.cfg to
always, never or conditionally install them.

I have updated the mpl versions to the ones you point to above.

I just discovered that matplotlib 0.98.3 is not compatible with pytz
2008c due to an unexpected change in pytz. The following fix works (I
chucked it into __init__.py near the beginning).

# the following fix for compatibility with pytz 1.4.1 is from
# <http://www.mail-archive.com/pythonmac-sig@...147.../msg07816.html&gt;
import pytz
    import pytz.zoneinfo
except ImportError:
    pytz.zoneinfo = pytz.tzinfo
    pytz.zoneinfo.UTC = pytz.UTC

-- Russell


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