out-dated documentation


Regarding http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/installing.html, there is some unreliable info.

In particular, under the OS X topic,

"Robery Kern has built an all-in-one installer which includes scipy, Numeric, numarray, matplotlib, ipython, VTK, MayaVi, PIL, the enthought tool suite and much more; see >MacEnthon."

should be removed.

Whoever maintains this page should make the appropriate change.


On Dec 6, 2006, at 11:38 PM, Robert Kern wrote:

belinda thom wrote:

I do not want to compile code myself unless absolutely necessary. I
was wondering what was up with the "MacEnton" suite; clicking on the
link described at the above web page informs me that the "MacEnthon"
page does not exist.

Umm, ignore it. It targetted a now-old Python distribution, and I don't have
time to update it anymore. References recommending it should be removed.

Robert Kern