osx dock weirdness

(warning, this may not be directly a matplotlib question, but I
thought that someone may have run across this)

I have a colleague with a macbook pro, and I was showing him
matplotlib. Downloaded an example from the gallery, and ran it. No
windows showed up, but we did get the little bouncing "python rocket"
on the dock. Clicking the rocket showed us the plot window, and
everything was fine. But does anyone know why the plot window just
doesn't show up directly? So, every time he runs his script to
generate a result and a plot, he has to go click the rocket to be able
to see anything. I have a mac at home, and it doesn't do this as far
as I know.

Using the python.org 2.6.6, all paths set correctly, and matplotlib
1.0.0; both installed from appropriate dmg's from the respective web

It was just weird, and I thought maybe someone else had run into the same thing.


Daniel Hyams