OS X 10.4 pylab broke

Hi Jeff,

yes, I did (fink-0.23.9.tar.gz install, ./bootstrap.sh etc. all went well and I was able to re-install emacs which had also broken with the 10.4 upgrade.)
I shall await 10.4 upgrades.

In the interim,

http://pythonmac.org/packages/TigerPython23Compat.pkg.zip (fixes up site-packages location)

have allowed me to get pylab imported, now I just need to get a backend compiled (gtk is my preferred backend).




On 18/05/2005, at 12:06 AM, Jeff Whitaker wrote:

Graeme O'Keefe wrote:

I have just upgraded to OS X 10.4 on two machines. On one machine, pylab worked fine, on my notebook it hangs. I have begun trying to rebuild my fink tree but bomb at glib 2.6.2 / gtk+, pango-1.8.0 using fink as well as standalone installs for old items (pango is at 1.6 on fink, need 1.8 for gtk+2.6.0).

As an aside, numarray install bombed with gcc4.0 so I had to revert to gcc3.3.

Anyone else had problems with OS X 10.4 and pylab?



Graeme: Did you follow the instructions for upgrading fink for 10.4 on the fink home page? It's a tricky upgrade - many (if not all) packages need to rebuilt. Many packages are not yet working, since many developers (like me) don't yet have 10.4.


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