Omitting curves from a legend

"Bill Baxter" <wbaxter@...287...> writes:

Documentation issue/question: I figured there was probably some way
to set attributes individually using the return value from contour
since contour's docstring helpfully tells me that countour returns a
ContourSet object. However, 'ContourSet?' in ipython gives me
nothing. Similarly with plot(), it says it returns a 'list of lines'
but that is not so useful since I can't look up the docstring for
'list of lines'.

Call setp on the returned object:

In [8]:y = plot(sin(arange(10)))

In [9]:setp(y)
  alpha: float
  animated: [True | False]
  antialiased or aa: [True | False]
  axes: unknown
  xdata: array
  ydata: array
  zorder: any number

And similarly:

In [11]:z = contour(outerproduct(arange(10), arange(10)))

In [12]:setp(z)
  alpha: unknown
  array: unknown
  clim: a length 2 sequence of floats
  cmap: a colormap
  colorbar: unknown
  label_props: unknown
  norm: unknown

Or, in ipython you can type z.set_<TAB> to see the completions. With
the list returned from plot you cannot simply type y[0].set_<TAB> but
have to assign the value of y[0] to a variable first.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen