old matplotlib.transforms functions

Hi there,

I am trying to get an old project to run again (pbrain) but I am stopped by a few matplotlib.transforms dependencies:

from matplotlib.transforms import get_bbox_transform, Point, Value, Bbox,\
     unit_bbox, blend_xy_sep_transform

I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the functions or how to replace them. It's possible get_bbox_transform is now BboxTransform, but I cannot guess the other names from:

>>> import matplotlib.transforms as t
>>> dir(t)
['Affine2D', 'Affine2DBase', 'AffineBase', 'Bbox', 'BboxBase', 'BboxTransform', 'BboxTransformFrom', 'BboxTransformTo', 'BlendedAffine2D', 'BlendedGenericTransform', 'CompositeAffine2D', 'CompositeGenericTransform', 'DEBUG', 'IdentityTransform', 'MaskedArray', 'Path', 'ScaledTranslation', 'Transform', 'TransformNode', 'TransformWrapper', 'TransformedBbox', 'TransformedPath', 'WeakKeyDictionary', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', 'affine_transform', 'blended_transform_factory', 'cbook', 'composite_transform_factory', 'count_bboxes_overlapping_bbox', 'interval_contains', 'interval_contains_open', 'inv', 'ma', 'nonsingular', 'np', 'offset_copy', 'update_path_extents', 'warnings']