Octave and matplotlib

Thought you might be interested in knowing that the Octave

    > maintainers are looking into using matplotlib in Octave.

Hi Keith,

I very recently exchanged emails with Tom Holroyd (CCd on this mail),
who was also interested in adding mpl plotting to octave. We thought
that embedding the python interpreter might be the path of least
resistance. It might be good for Tom to be in touch with the octave
people to avoid duplication of effort.

There are also some inconsistencies in the plotting functions between
mpl and matlab, in addition to the lack of 3D. For example, our plot
command does not currently support plot(x, Y) or plot(X,Y) where X and
Y are matrices, though it would be easy to add such functionality.
Also, the default behavior of imshow is pretty different (in
matplotlib imshow scales the image to fit the current axes box).
These differences will surely cause some minor headaches, but for the
most part the interfaces are compatible. A combination of
extending/patching matplotlib and doing some translation on the octave
side would probably work for most (2D) cases.

Thanks for the heads up,