object picker legend and axis

Jean-Baptiste> Hi ! I am using with delight the new object_picker
    Jean-Baptiste> tools as of version 0.42b It works fine but I can
    Jean-Baptiste> not find out how to draw the legend, labels, title,
    Jean-Baptiste> etc... Neither the ax (Subplot), nor the fig
    Jean-Baptiste> (ArtistPickerFigure) have those methods. How could
    Jean-Baptiste> I access them ?

First, I recommend upgrading the 0.50 series as there have been APi
changes that affect the object_picker code (the examples.object_picker
demo script is updated). Better to catch up sooner rather than later.

Second, I don't really understand your question. If you want to "draw
the legend, labels, ...", you simply call the draw method. All of
these things (Legend, Text, etc..) are derived from Artist, which
implements a "draw" method. so you can call


and so on?

Then later you say "those methods" using the plural. I don't know
what you mean..... Could you elaborate, and perhaps provide some code
with comments showing where you are stuck?