[Numpy-discussion] Sphinx custom extension mess, and patches

Mon, 16 Feb 2009 13:36:07 -0600, Robert Kern wrote:

At one point, some of us had a plan to keep all of these "scientific"
extensions collected here:


SVN-using projects could use svn:externals to include these in their
projects without diverging the code. I really don't know why this plan
changed. Pauli?

I think my reasons for moving the extensions to Scipy SVN was mainly that
(i) it seemed clearer to keep the code where it was mainly used,
also for bug tracking and mailing list purposes,
(ii) Sphinx's google-code SVN seemed quite dead and obscure, and was
difficult to find,
(iii) svn:externals would work also against Numpy's repository.

A better thing to do might have been to rally people to put also their
extensions there and press for better advertisement. We can of course
still do this and revive the idea; it would be good to get a slightly
bigger starting mass, though.


Pauli Virtanen