[Numpy-discussion] matplotlib

(This discussion should really be on the mpl list instead of numpy.)

numpy is not Numeric. matplotlib supports Numeric, numarray and numpy. Since
numpy is currently stabilizing, and Numeric is already stable, I think it
appropriate that Numeric is used unless numpy is asked for, at least until
numpy-1.0 (not that its my decision).


On Monday 13 February 2006 7:34 pm, Bill Baxter wrote:

Sorry, I wasn't very clear. My thinking was like this:
- matplotlib web pages don't mention support for numpy anywhere, just
numeric and numarray
- matplotlib web page says that the default is to use numeric
- numpy is basically the successor to numeric plus numarray functionality

- conclusion: if matplotlib actually does support numpy, and the web pages
are just out of date, then probably numpy would now be the default instead
of numeric, since it is the successor to numeric.

But apparently there's a flaw in that thinking somewhere.